Shanti - (Human) A sophomore in high school and the only daughter of Indian immigrants, Shanti works hard both in and out of school, even if what she wants to pursue isn’t what her parents want. Stubborn, skeptical and dedicated, she feels like she has little time to stop and rest, except for the occasional talk with her online friend, Rachel. All that changes when her plane crashes, and she is rescued by Phoebus. She then has no choice but to be taken to a mysterious place called the Skybox.

Phoebus - (Gryphside) Phoebus catches Shanti when he happens to be flying close by her plane as it crashes. While sometimes he complains about the extra burden, it is clear that he is both kind and devoted, as he goes to great lengths to defend Shanti. However, he’s got some secrets of his own...even though he’s bad at keeping them.

Argus and Adonis - (Pegaside) - These two cousins belong to a large Pegaside family, and grew up together since they were young. Both are brash and prone to taking charge of a group whether asked to or not, and both can carry a grudge. Adonis is the physically stronger one, while Argus is more clever.

Ziva - (Nixside) Ziva associates herself with Drakeside more than most of her kind would dare to, but she has her reasons, all of them having to do with ambition and survival. She prefers not to get her claws dirty, and would rather engage in a fight of words...although she’s not very good at winning those, either.